Wendy Beere

Wendy works in a variety of mediums. She creates handbags from designer fabrics and unusual buttons, the fabric designates her interpretation of the final piece. Her current explorations are in the creation of unusual belts. She also paints in watercolours, mostly wild flowers and berries but has been known to paint scenes and cats. Her interest also lies in using painting, sculpture and mixed media in partnership with poetry to illustrate and open discussion on current topics. In 2005 Wendy worked with Macro Creative House on the creation of an exhibition entitled Numer8 for @Bristol. This was an interactive exhibition held @Bristol from June to October 2005 of her maths poetry through art working with a design company Macro Creative house from Stroud.

See below for a picture gallery of Wendy's handbags and of her concept piece ‘Elastic Plastic’ mixed media, acrylic on wood with mirror and poem. Select any image below to view the gallery...

Wendy has been a member of Purton Artists Society since August 2012. The content on this page was last updated on 20th July 2014.

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