Download - Privacy Policy - April 2018


Privacy Policy for Purton Artists (PA): (to be filed with the Constitution and made available at every PA meeting or event) Purton Artists is compliant with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the protection of the data of members and others who have connections with the PA.

Others who have connections (described as “associates”) include visiting tutors, committee members of other art groups, guests who attend exhibitions, recipients of invitations, village hall or other venue personnel, exhibition sponsors and any person(s) for whom an on-going connection with the PA is desired.

The Committee of the PA and those who carry out certain tasks on behalf of the PA reserve the right to hold the contact details of members and associates who have given their explicit and un-coerced consent to do so. The contact details of members and associates will be password protected by everyone who holds their details. Contact details will be stored in a password-protected document on the computers of the Committee and removed if membership or association ceases, unless the PA has the explicit consent of those former members and associates to continue to send them PA information or invitations.

Emails from members and associates will be deleted as soon as the content is no longer needed.

If a member of the Committee relinquishes his/her post, he/she will delete all records at the time of handing over responsibility to another appointed person.

Contact details include the person’s name, postal address, email address and telephone no(s) for the purpose of sending them information regarding the activities of the PA.

These contact details will not be disclosed to any third party without the explicit and un-coerced written consent of individual members or associates All group emails will be sent as ‘Blind Carbon Copy’ (BCC) so that names and email addresses are not visible to other person(s) receiving the email. April 2018