Download - Minutes - AGM 2017






14 members present including the committee. Apologies received; Lynne Young, Margaret Jarvis, Sarah Sollom, Heather Ody. Lesley Cowley


The 2016 minutes had been received by all, and were accepted.

Proposer; Brian Davies

Seconder; Christine Gill


No Secretary’s report as Tracey has moved away.


Treasurer’s Report

Chris Rawlings reported that finances are healthy-(this is without this year’s subs.) as may be seen on the balance sheet. The hall has been booked and fully paid for this year’s exhibition.

A gardening token of £50 will be sent to thank Tracey for all her work as secretary.

While new boards are still being researched, an outlay of about £1400 would probably be needed to purchase a new set.


The future of the Society


Brian explained that the future of the Society, and the viability of running the exhibition this year was uncertain as Tracey has moved, he and Chris wish to resign, and Joe will be unable to commit the time needed to prepare for the exhibition this-and possibly future years.


The hall is booked and fully paid for and financially, the Society is in a position to run the exhibition.

A new group of people is needed.

Joy Burden has volunteered to take over from Chris Rawlings as treasurer.

Alex Crump volunteered to liase with Joe, and send out the forms and collate the art work


Brian suggested at least four people would be needed, and asked members to volunteer-and said he would  e-mail those not present. If no more volunteers come forward, it could be necessary to cancel this year’s exhibition-and maybe windup the Society.  The end of April would be the deadline for replies.








The new committee


Chris Gill volunteered to be membership secretary.

Joy Burden-treasurer

Alex Crump to liase with Joe for the paperwork, labels etc.

Barbara Gosden to continue as minutes secretary

August Mennard committee member


Alex volunteered to be chairman.

Proposer; Chris Gleed

Seconder; Margaret Tapscott.


Jill  Winson, and Lucille    offered to help.

Some one would be needed to direct the setting-up of the exhibition.

Joy felt that by working as a team, the hanging, and checking of paintings on the list could be done.


The Boards


Brian explained that Constance has died, and so the boards and trailer will need to be moved.

They could be kept on his drive until the exhibition if no other solution is found.

It would be better to purchase new display boards-more research is need to find out suitability and costs.


Chris Gill described screens made from pegboard and supports, These would work well, but storage may still be a problem.

Carol Gleed volunteered to contact Kevin Taylor, who, she understands, may have space to store the boards and trailer.


Brian asked for members’ permission for the outgoing committee to make decisions about the present boards.




Chris Gill suggested having an emergency AGM if the exhibition looks like folding. All agreed.



Wendy Beere thanked the committee for all their hard work over the years.



This year’s exhibition; Friday 10th-Sunday 12th November


Meeting closed 8.15p.m.