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18 members present (including the committee).

Apologies received; Vic Austin, Jill Vine, Marion Bell, Lynne Armstrong. Andy Le Poidevin Lesley Cowley


The minutes of the 2015 AGM were read and approved.

Proposer; Chris Rawlings

Seconder; Ann Jelley



A letter has been received which states that the hall may not be used more than 15 minutes before the booked time. (Chris Rawlings will try to book the hall from 11a.m. on the Friday, and also extend the end of the booked time on Sunday by 30 minutes).



Brian thanked all who had helped at the exhibition-while sales were low, the standard of work was high.  He also thanked the committee and helpers.

The social events of the year-Tracey’s workshop, the barbecue and board painting, and the social at The Bell had been well supported and enjoyed by those who attended.



Joe thanked all those on the hanging team.

He said that while the card sales had been better arranged, improvements may still need to be made.



Tracey reported that there are now 40 members .Brian Davies is an honorary member for life-although not exhibiting, his help is very much appreciated.



Chris reported that the funds have improved due to the bursary from the Hollands, and better management of expenses. The financial position is more secure now  due to increased hanging fees. She said a good balance needs to be kept as costs can rise.

However, the balance is such now that the society could consider funding a social event, a coach outing (e.g.: to the Royal Academy), or the purchase of something beneficial to the society.



Brian welcomed Alex Crump on to the committee.

He and Chris Rawlings stated they would like to retire and give other members the opportunity to take a more active role. He suggested that members may like to consider becoming deputies to work alongside existing committee members.

Joe volunteered to send out a pro-former to all members to encourage this.

It was suggested that officers stand as before.

Proposer; Lynne Young

Seconder; Chris Pocock

All agreed





THE HOLLAND BURSARY-It was felt that the competition run at St. Mary’s School

was very successful and Chris Rawlings will approach the school again to suggest a competition again for this year. She thanked Lynne Young for having made the labels for the competition entries.


EVENTS- It has been suggested holding more events-with a small charge- so that members get together more.

Tracey suggests workshop evenings when a member-or members-could demonstrate or talk about their own work, leading onto artists working individually-perhaps the evening focussing on a particular medium. (e.g.: pastels or photography or watercolour).

A demonstration could be arranged with a visiting speaker-which may incur a larger charge.

The publicity for these evenings may attract more members


AGM-Lynne Young suggested a social, talk or auction of donated art materials could include the AGM, Attendance for the AGM could be improved.


THE BOARDS-It has been noticed that the boards are in need of repair-which could be done, but it may be better to consider replacing them due to possible storage problems for such heavy boards with their trailer.

Joy explained that lighter boards which can be taken apart and stored in a domestic situation could be purchased and would seem a good solution.

Lynne Young suggested applying for a grant for the purchase (as Cricklade had successfully done) The Parish Council and Red House Project to be approached.


SELLING CARDS-It was felt by those selling cards that the method for  recording and taking money led to problems, and as they did not know who would be selling cards until the exhibition started, the rota could not be checked.

It was decided to;

Have all cards on one table, with one list of all cards, prices and artist.

The cards to be ticked off on the list when sold.

All money would be put in one pot, and the takings for each artist and percentage due to the Society worked out and given to the main table at the end of the exhibition.

Joe to give out names of card sellers before the exhibition, then they could check and arrange a rota themselves.

Paper bags to be purchased by the society for the sold cards.

(Also bubblewrap  for any other sales)


STEWARDING-It was felt unfair that some members do not steward/help in any way. Joe to send out information that the rule of stewardship during the exhibition is to be enforced as a requirement when exhibiting.


Christine Gill thanked all members of the committee.



Future Meetings; Pre-exhibition meeting TBA

2016 Exhibition Dates   11th, 12th, 13th November

Social  TBA


Minutes-art2016.doc                                                                Meeting closed 8.50p.m.