Calligraphy - Joe Wright

Calligraphy - Joe Wright

Joe has been selected along with four other photographers to feature in the inaugural first volume of an exciting new fine art photography based 'bookzine' titled Land|Sea. This publication has been produced by a leading book publishing company named Triplekite that specialises in photographers that are either pushing the boundaries of or at the top of their class with landscape based photography.

The publication features a small collection of work from each of the photographers and, also available to purchase is a specially selected limited edition print from each of the featured photographers; only available with purchase of the publication (note: if purchasing the publication and print directly from Joe, those can be provided signed by Joe at no extra charge).

Also, a number of reviews of the publication have been posted to various blogs and websites if you wanted to obtain an independent review of the work; using your favourite internet search engine with the terms 'Land Sea review' should find these.

Full details of the publication can be found on the publishing companies website - Triplekite

The publication can also be purchased direct from Amazon and Beyond Words.

Otherwise, please contact Joe for more details.

Book images copyright Triplekite publishing.