Minety Art Club is planning to run a sixteen seater coach to the N E C on Saturday 3rd November for the above event. This event has a large art section, with workshops, a large craft section and also a cake decorating etc section, plus lots of materials to purchase. All in adjoining halls For information about workshops etc, please look on the SAA website.

The coach would leave Minety at 8.00am,and probably leave the Nec at 4.15pm.Time to be confirmed. Cars could be left in the village hall car park, which would be locked until our return. Cost would be £28.75.This covers transport and entry.

If anyone is interested, they could email Christine Rawlings to leave their name.

Closing date for reply is 6.00pm, Monday 8th October, and would be on a first come basis.

This is an easy way to enjoy the day, no stress with driving, parking, etc. The coach will drop very near to the entrance, so no long walk to the cars with tired feet.