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The Purton Artists Society is an exhibiting society for the visual arts, exhibiting annually, as well as encouraging the general appreciation of art and craft in the village of Purton.

Whilst Purton Artists Society was originally formed in 1979 by a painter; Eddie Godrich, the Society quickly embraced other forms of art and craft, with wood based crafts featuring early on through the wood turning of Basil Marchant, and painter and wood craftsman; Nelson Woolford. Since then, the Society has gone on to embrace all manner of arts and crafts.

Lyn White - Beech tree

As you might expect, painting features strongly where many medias are covered; oils, watercolours, pastel, acrylic, texture paste, mixed media. Applied to all manner of surfaces; canvas, board, paper, sandpaper, wood, metal, cardboard and so on. In fact there probably aren’t many painting techniques or medias that haven’t been covered somewhere in the Societys history. You will also find pencil and ink work creating highly intricate work, alongside crayon and charcoal.

Photography and imaging is also well represented, again, several forms of media and technique are covered; film and digital, colour and monotone, some digitally manipulated with others unaltered. You will also find scanning employed as a digital input method. All reproduced on paper in a traditional darkroom or digital printing, in fact, whatever can be printed on.

Woodcraft still features with either turned, carved or a combination of both, producing functional items as well as those simply to view and enjoy. Pottery, glasswork and the use of fabrics are also employed to create objects of beauty or those we might use day to day in our lives.

Wendy Beere - Handbags 002

Other creative handy crafts include card making and embroidery, the former sometimes based on reproductions of the artists own work. In fact it is probably easier to say what we do not do rather than what we do. Any restrictions on those arts and crafts allowed in the Society are based around only allowing the ‘visual’ forms. As such, the Society doesn’t include some written works, for example, books and, moving forms such as video or dance. Neither does it allow work generally not acceptable to the general public and especially children, or direct reproductive work; rather, looking for true original content. That said, this still leaves a great deal of variety to be found in our artwork.

Subjects are varied but being a village based organisation there is a propensity to feature local views and scenes of village life. But, you will find work featuring subjects from literally all around the world; work that is often created in response to a memory, of the place or pure artistic imagination.

Aside from our members exhibiting in the annual exhibition many of them are also active in other art and craft based communities, some local but others participating in national and international based organisations. Indeed, a number of our past, current and I am sure, future members, have gained both official accreditations in their chosen craft but also great success in their field.

Encouraging younger members of the community to both appreciate and get involved in art has for a long time played a part in the Society, as such we develop close ties with local schools. Frequently, providing the opportunity for pupils to exhibit artwork alongside that of the Society at its annual exhibition. In 2014, those ties grew stronger as the Society created a competition for art students the opportunity to win a generous prize to help provide them with art materials. This opportunity has come about by virtue of the generous benevolence of the executors for the Estate of Leslie Holland (read about Leslie Holland - here).

First and foremost though, the Society serves as a local organisation where likeminded members of the community can come together to share their love of being creative. If you would like to share your arts and crafts based creativity with the community and are looking for a way to do so, why not contact us and see how we can help.

(Please note, due to the non-profit status of Purton Artists Society, artwork cannot be purchased directly through this site.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our members artwork, please contact them directly).

The content on this page was last updated on 20th March 2018.

Lyn White - North Meadow

Lyn White - North Meadow