Download - Minutes - AGM 2019





Those present; the committee; Chris Gill, Joy Burden, Auguste Mennard, Barbara Gosden, Jill Winson

Members; Brian Davies, Jill Thomas, Lynne Armstrong, Catherine Pier, Chris Rawlings, Mike Spurling, Wendy Beere, Chris Pocock,   Alex Crump

Apologies;Sarah Sollom, Joe Wright, Carol Gleed, Cathy Hyland, Anna Tappern, Val Conway, Margaret Tapscott


The 2018 minutes had been received by all, and were accepted.

Proposer; Chris Pocock

Seconder; Jill Winson


Co-ordinator’s Report

Christine reported a good year for the Society, with 9 framed, and 19 unframed pictures being sold, plus many card sales made.  Three browsers had been purchased, and an additional one was borrowed. It was felt the overall display was eye-catching, enhanced by little watercolours sent by St. Mary’s School.

396 people visited the exhibition, which was excellent.

Christine thanked the committee, and in particular, Joy, who, as well as being treasurer, had taken on the majority of theadmin. as well as the publicity.

The social and the demonstration of the past year aimed to provide opportunities to meet other members, and similar meetings will be arranged this year. Ideas would be welcomed by Christine and the committee.


Treasurer’s Report

Joy reported there is now £2247.63 in the bank This is £153 more than this time last year.

The Society did not receive the £150 Holland bursary last year, so this came from the Society’s funds and there was a small loss on the demonstration held in June.

While more hanging fees were taken, sales were down and £164.77 was paid for the website this year (website fees are due every 2 years).

On the whole, the financial situation is good, and Joy reported the accounts have been audited.

   The report was accepted by all members present;

Proposer; Chris Rawlings               Seconder; Wendy Beere

[To answer questions from the newer members, Chris explained who Leslie Holland was, the origin of the bursary, and the involvement with St. Mary’s School.]


Jill Winson will continue to liase with St. Mary’s and find out whether a competition for the children, or just a donation towards art materials would be most appropriate.


Exhibition Secretary’s Report

Several points were put forward, previously having been discussed at committee meetings;

There will be a more compact time for handing-in

The society will be purchasing new hangers (Joy has details of what and how to buy).

There will be fewer-but slightly longer-stewarding times during the exhibition, so enabling the capacity to oversee the card sales separately..

Crafts persons should become members (so ensuring all are covered under the Society’s insurance).

Commission will be at 15% for all (crafts and art) sales.

Recording of sales should be more accurate and give more details.

Visitors to be asked for their e-mail/postal address and for their permission to use these by the society so that invites for subsequent years may be sent to them. (This will cover data protection requirements)

Stick-on labels for artists and crafts people to wear during the exhibition.

Members to be encouraged to be present –particularly on the Friday evening-

 to mingle with visitors.

Jacqui Mason has offered to assist with exhibition admin.-so aiding Joy and Chris G.


Additional suggestions;

A banner flag would be eye-catching outside the exhibition.

More publicity in local magazines,on the radio etc.

An artist working on a picture/craft would add interest.

Putting artists’ sketch books out on a table.

Providing paper, etc. for visitors to create a picture.


There was a discussion as to whether there were too many unframed pictures shown last year. It was felt the number could remain the same.

However, it was felt that the quality of prints was important-and this will be followed up.


Membership Secretary’s Report

Auguste reported there are now 33 members.

Marion Bell has resigned, while Janet Fairman, Anthony David and Cathy Hyland are new members.


Website Co-ordinator’s Report

Catherine is acting as intermediary between members and Joe.

She suggests using e-mail addresses from visitors who have given permission to send notices of exhibitions, etc.

She is also putting info. on Facebook.


Election of  Committee


Co-ordinator       Christine Gill           Prop; Wendy Beere    Sec; Catherine Pier

Treasurer           Joy Burden              Prop; Chris Gill         Sec; Auguste Mennard

Exhibition Sec.   Joy Burden              Prop; Chris Gill         Sec; Chris Rawlings

Minute Sec.        Barbara Gosden      Prop; Chris Gill        Sec; Catherine Pier

Website Co-ord  Joe Wright               Prop; Wendy Beere      Sec;Chris Gill

Membership        A. Mennard             Prop ;Joy Burden       Sec;Chris Rawlings

Member              Jill Winson               Prop; Wendy Beere          Sec;Brian Davies

Members taking on duties but not committee members;

Wendy Beere-publicity

Catherine Pier-website liaison

Jacquie Mason-assistant exhibition secretary



A demonstration has been arranged for 28th July from 2pm in the Silver Threads Hall.

To include a bring-and-share tea.

Graham Cox will demonstrate working with pastels.

It is hoped to arrange a summer social.

Chris Gill offered to liase with Marie Dempsey at Pips Café and Purton Artists to encourage other members to take part in Craft Days.

Depending on the outcome of the on-going assessment of the sustainability of Purton Village Hall, it may be necessary to think about an alternative venue for the Exhibition in the future.

A founder member of Purton artists -Andy le Poidevin- has recently passed away, and it was suggested he should be represented at this year’s exhibition. It may be possible to contact his daughter.



A pre-exhibition TBA


 Chris Gill thanked all those present                                      Meeting closed 8.45p.m.


An fun art-based quiz devised by Barbara followed, which was enjoyed by all.