Download - Minutes - AGM 2018





16 members present including the committee. Apologies received; Margaret Tapscott, Jaqui Mason,  David Bartlett, Lyn Armstrong, Catherine Pier, Christine Rawlings, Sophie Williams


Alex thanked those attending the meeting and gave a resume of the 2017 minutes.


The 2017 minutes had been received by all, and were accepted.

Proposer; Chris Pocock

Seconder; Christine Gill


Matters Arising

The Boards

The display boards are now stored at a different property. Christine reported that their condition is good, but that we have to be aware a different location may be needed in the future.

Joy reported that the boards had previously been borrowed by Lydiard Art Group for one week a year. All agreed that this should continue.


Chairman’s Report

Alex reported that the previous committee had been sent thanks for all their work. He also thanked the present committee for taking over the posts-which had avoided cancelling the show and winding up the Society. Thanks were also given to Chris Gill for organising the exhibition and the future demo.

The exhibition had attracted 300 visitors and made a profit from sales of paintings, etc. 24 artists had taken part, and the craft tables had also proved a draw for visitors.

Alex concluded by saying that the future looks good with members’ support.


Treasurer’s Report

Referring to the accounts sheet, which had been handed out, Joy reported good sales for the 2017 exhibition, with 22 framed and 11 unframed pictures being sold. Refreshments and donations, income from card sales and the craft tables combined the make a healthy balance. The accounts have been audited.

Joy reported that the hire of the Village Hall has gone up and the Holland Bursary will remain at £150 for this year. (Jill Winson has  visited St Mary’s School to offer £50 for art materials.)


Exhibition Secretary’s Report

Joe reported that £160 will be needed to continue the website for a further 2 years.

He explained that the website is available to all members, and can be used to show their artwork to a wider audience. Work can be sent to Joe as often as members like, and in any format.

There is also secure section for members which includes the Society’s minutes, etc.

All new events can be added to the site, and members can have links to their own website.

All requests for inclusion should be sent to Joe.

Gordon Dickinson curates a Facebook page for Purton Artists. There is a link from the  Purton Parish Council website.


Membership Secretary’s Report

Chris Gill explained that she had taken over as membership secretary when Tracey Rapson had moved from the area.

She reported that Brian and Eileen Coe have left the Society, Andy le Poidevin is now in a home, and Adam Crossland has not replied to communications for some time.

The Society has 7 new members-making 33 in all-with a potential for 40.

A suggestion was put forward that membership should be extended to under 18s. This was discussed with the conclusions that;

It may be difficult to assess the work of under 18s.

Membership is almost at its limit

Membership of the Society may be difficult because of child protection


It was suggested that the age limit to join should be over 18.

Proposer; Wendy Beere

Seconder; Jill Winson


Change in Constitution (sent to members prior to AGM)

Christine explained that it was felt a constitution was needed, and this is separate from the rules concerning presentation of work for the exhibition.


This was accepted-with the lower age limit now being 18 rather than 16

and that the number of photographers could be managed as necessary.


Election of new committee

Co-ordinator       Christine Gill           Prop; Wendy Beere    Sec; Jill Winson

Treasurer           Joy Burden              Prop; Wendy Beere   Sec; Chris Pocock

Exhibition Sec.   Alex Crump             Prop; Chris Gill           Sec; Joy Burden

Minute Sec.        Barbara Gosden      Prop; Sarah Sollom   Sec; Carole Gleed

Website Co-ord  Joe Wright               Prop; Alex Crump      Sec;Chris Gill

Membership        A. Mennard             Prop ;Alex Crump      Sec;Chris Pocock

Member              Jill Winson               Prop; Chris Gill          Sec;Wendy Beere



It was suggested that minimum prices should be introduced for pictures exhibited-with £40 for framed work, and £20 for unframed. A discussion ensued-with various viewpoints put forward.  As no agreement was reached, it was suggested that  pricing should be left to individuals, as before.



The society will purchase 3 browsers so that members may show up to 10 unframed pictures in them. These pictures must be originals or prints. No duplicates will be allowed.

However, individual artists may bring their own browsers, with the same provisos.


Data Protection

Christine thanked Sarah Sollom for all the information she has given as regards the new General Data Protection Regulation rules, which will be effective from 25th  May.

As a non-commercial society, Purton Artists has to be compliant, but does not need to register.





These 2 documents will be sent to members for them to print off;


Privacy Policy for Purton Artists

       Purton Artists Consent Form.


The consent form should be printed off and completed and returned to Auguste Mennard-either by scanning it in, or by post.

Consent has to be given to allow future communication. Without this, it will not be feasible to remain a member.


Another Social? and a Demonstration

Christine suggested a summer social would be a good opportunity for artists to get together-and asked for volunteers to organise this.

A demonstration of pen and wash by Paul Weaver has already been booked for 29th July at 2.30 in the Silver Threads Hall, with a tea to follow.


The pre-exhibition meeting is on 2nd October at the Red House.




Sarah thanked the committee.                                         Meeting closed 8.25p.m.